Studio Session with Jamarcus Gaston

The last day of 2016 is just a day away and what a better way to spend our morning with Jamarcus Gaston in studio for CW Studio 62.  We have had a whirlwind of a year playing original and cover shows throughout the Southeast as far north as Johnson City, TN down to Edisto Beach, SC and all places in between and our 2017 calendar is starting to fill up!  It's been one hell of a journey and we're looking forward to making it even better next year.  

Country Charts and the Road

What a weekend!  Blackbeard's Truck Acoustic traveled up to Johnson City, TN Saturday to play for The Acoustic Coffeehouse and wow!  What a great feeling and not just because we listened to the Gamecock victory on the drive.  The crowd was great and very interactive, even requesting our charted original "Everybody's Baby" and moving and grooving to "Daddy's Country Song" both off our 2016 self-released album "Three".  If that doesn't keep you going, I don't know what will.  We are looking forward to traveling more throughout the Southeast and bringing great music, whether it's our own or some of the great covers you've come to know and love, to venues near you.  

As far as charting goes.  We are currently on two charts Country Music.  We are presently listed as #27 on the IndieWorld Country Music Chart and holding steady at #29 on The Fan Voted World's Country Chart Top 75, still coveting the highest ranked Indie song on the chart. There's much more to come and we can't thank you enough for help making this a reality.  

Oh...and let me not forget.  We had our own Snapchat Geofilter.  How awesome is that???

Hitting the Charts! our DEBUT week on the IndieWorld Independent Country Music Chart we came in 39 with "Everybody's Baby".  Week 2 - 34!  WOW!  Jumping five spots in one week and gaining ground on our fellow Carolina Native, Darius Rucker, who's new hit "If I Told You" sits at 32.  We are so honored to be on the charts with a super talented artist as Darius, along with all the others currently listed. We continue to look forward and bring more great music to you.  There are many more hit originals that have yet to be released but make sure if you want to preview them, check out our Sound Cloud page at

As always, #holdon #thetruckisrolling



The Reviews are In...

The reviews on "Daddy's Country Song" are in.  We appreciate every word of positive and critical as a growing point and thank everyone that took the time to listen and give their input.  Here's just a few of what people had to say. 

“The deep bass accords from the introduction tell us a life story-beautiful and non repetitive. The vocal voice really charms with its honey-sweety sounding. The artist has a really powerful voice and she performs the song very passionately. Very elegant and intelligent vocal production. The melody and instrumental effects are productive as well. The dynamic development of the melody leads the melody and vocals to its culmination and creates great effect among the listeners. This track will really gain high commercial potential.” Male, 26 10/10

“I love the country western feel of the song, it is very relaxing and the music has an easy listening fee. The artist sounds confident and the song is warm. The message is fun and easy to relate to to. The song has great energy and the vocal melody is very tuneful. The instrumentals have a natural feel which blends perfectly with the tone of the song. The song has great structure and the wording is very catchy.”  Female, 23 10/10

“The vocals are fantastic and the instrumental is spot on. The songwriting is good and it matches the theme. The vocal reminds me of another country song that I am really into and the guitar in the background also has a great melody to it.”  Male, 35 7/10

*Reviews are based off Crowd Review through Reverb Nation.  Those participating in the review are not named but only by age and gender as to maintain their anonymity and offer the opportunity for blatant honesty.


The Best is Yet to Come

Well, what can we say.  It's "Been Too Long" since you've really gotten a chance to hear the new original sound of Blackbeard's Truck.  Of course, we will always bring you the best version of covers of rock, pop, Top 40s and so much more but our original sound has taken another direction and brought about a fusion of all the sounds without sounded cluttered.  How many artists do you know that can do that?  Our newest album is set to be released April 2016 and has some AMAZING tracks on it and still the best is yet to come.  You can take my word for it or you can come see for yourself.  Many of our great originals you've known and loved for the past several years and those not even yet released and some not even recorded will be debuted this Saturday at the Historic Capri Theatre in Gaffney, SC.  It's not something you'll want to miss.  Show starts at 8pm.


What a great time at The Front Page News - Midtown last night.  There was a great crowd throughout the night that enjoyed our spin on some awesome covers as well as many of our originals mixed in. If you missed it, definitely subscribe to our calendar so you can stay up-to-date on when we are close to you!  We made some great new connections with new friends and fans and loved the support of them as well as our family and friends who made it out to see us last night.  We greatly look forward to it again and want to thank you for making our journey and sharing our music with you even more rewarding.  #youarethereasonweplay #holdon #thetruckisrolling

The Switch

Many things have changed for Blackbeards Truck and some have stayed the same. Blackbeards Truck while still covering all the songs everyone loves to hear and keeping our covers current, we have really built upon our original songs and sounds and really have something great going. We have just released the first single off of our new album "Daddy's Country Song." Take it for what you will but this is only just the beginning. #staytuned and #holdon #thetruckisrolling

So Long 2015!

We have finally made it into 2016 and along with that, we have finalized our tracks and recording sessions at Incident Music Labs located in Greenville, SC.  This has been one of the best experiences, especially having the opportunity to work with producer and sound engineer Root Dorn.  He has helped to capture our thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, and move our music to the next level.  It will be a couple months for the remastering and finalized cuts but you've just got to hear it!  Your first opportunity to hear some of the tracks live is January 22 at the Capri Theatre in Gaffney, SC.  To my knowledge this is our first show of pure originals and we are greatly looking forward to sharing them with you.  There may even be a couple of new ones that have come to fruition during this whole process but you'll just have to come check us out to see.  #holdon #thetruckisrolling #staytuned

Blackbeards Truck Rolling On

What a whirlwind of a ride.  Started back in high school for a few friends' graduation party, we never thought Blackbeards Truck would continue to grow and progress into the group it has become today.  Officially formed in 2000 on the campus of the University of South Carolina, Blackbeards Truck has played many events on campus as well within the local music scene.  As the Blackbeards Truck grew, so did their fanbase.  From traveling throughout the Southeast and along the eastern seaboard, the truck continues to roll.  Now you see why we sunk the ship.  Throughout many of our travels have come some of our stories and songs that you love to hear and some yet unheard.  Of the many experiences, one of our most recent ones is recording with Root Dorn at Incident Music Labs in Greenville, SC. Root has helped us take our sound to a whole new level.  So what's going to be on this new album?  Well, you may want to set your cruise control if you plan to listen to them while you're on the road.  Our songs range from ones that are perfect to hype up your events, crowd sing-a-longs, anthems for your crew (you know the one, "That's my jam!"), and even ones perfect for your special day. As for the road, we don't see it ending anytime soon.  The truck is refueled and ready to roll.  #holdon #thetruckisrolling #staytuned