The Reviews are In...

The reviews on "Daddy's Country Song" are in.  We appreciate every word of positive and critical as a growing point and thank everyone that took the time to listen and give their input.  Here's just a few of what people had to say. 

“The deep bass accords from the introduction tell us a life story-beautiful and non repetitive. The vocal voice really charms with its honey-sweety sounding. The artist has a really powerful voice and she performs the song very passionately. Very elegant and intelligent vocal production. The melody and instrumental effects are productive as well. The dynamic development of the melody leads the melody and vocals to its culmination and creates great effect among the listeners. This track will really gain high commercial potential.” Male, 26 10/10

“I love the country western feel of the song, it is very relaxing and the music has an easy listening fee. The artist sounds confident and the song is warm. The message is fun and easy to relate to to. The song has great energy and the vocal melody is very tuneful. The instrumentals have a natural feel which blends perfectly with the tone of the song. The song has great structure and the wording is very catchy.”  Female, 23 10/10

“The vocals are fantastic and the instrumental is spot on. The songwriting is good and it matches the theme. The vocal reminds me of another country song that I am really into and the guitar in the background also has a great melody to it.”  Male, 35 7/10

*Reviews are based off Crowd Review through Reverb Nation.  Those participating in the review are not named but only by age and gender as to maintain their anonymity and offer the opportunity for blatant honesty.