Upcoming Shows
10/2/2015 - The Windjammer - Charleston, SC 
10/16/2015 - Jillian's - Columbia, SC 



Blackbeard's Truck is:
Ryan Headley - Vocals, Keys
Grant Wooten - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Clyburn - Guitar, Vocals
Martin Giles - Drums
Josh Cole - Bass
Kristin Kaughman - Vocals, Keys






A typical show for Blackbeard’s Truck involves a variety of musical components sure to entice every member of the audience. The band has built a solid repertoire of popular classic rock songs along with a few country sing-a-longs that are guaranteed to please any crowd. In addition to the covers, the band also mixes in their original music to provide a vast span of music old and new. Shows usually last between three and four hours, and with a knack for tuning into crowd responses; Blackbeard’s Truck will keep the audience dancing through the last song.

10/2/2015 - The Windjammer - Charleston, SC 
10/16/2015 - Jillian's - Columbia, SC 
10/31/2015 - Private Wedding - Edisto, SC

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Orignal album "BFL" Sampler
Live at The Tavern in Charlotte, NC





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